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Rufus Wainwright reveals first single from new album

He's raising the roof with this one *ducks*

Good news, if you haven't heard it already: Rufus's long-awaited Mark Ronson-produced new album Out of the Game is due out in a matter of weeks, and today he unveils the album's first single (plus a rather smoldering press shot), also called Out of the Game.

This time around we've been told to expect something poppier than past efforts and this lively, snazzy affair with gospel singers thrown in for good measure seems to set the sort of tone we were expecting; happy but with that unmistakable Wainwright-esque pinch of sad.

It's about 'the YouTube-obsessed kids of today', according to Wainwright (hands up if your tweenhood technological mastery extended as far as the Tamagotchi, or, if you were a 70s/80s kid, that giant orange Speak & Spell thing). “For the first two verses I'm complaining, but in the third verse, it's tinged with envy as well,” he says; “I'd like to be that age again and that silly, that excited about idiotic things. So I'm not being insensitive, just tired.”

'Just tired'. That's such a tragi-comic Rufus thing to say. Talk about the male Judy Garland. We've missed you, Wainwright.

The single lands on 16 April and the album – Wainwright's seventh - follows on 23 April. You can also catch him at the London's Lyceum Theatre on 30 April. For more info on the upcoming album, click here

To pre-order the album on Amazon, click here

Words: Clare Pennington and Jamie Tabberer

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