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Lana Del Rey to play Lovebox

"The boys, the girls, they all like Lana..."

So, it's been announced that 'gangsta Nancy Sinatra' Lana Del Rey (a.k.a. Lizzy Grant a.k.a infamous opinion-polariser a.k.a the most blogged-about artist in recent memory) is to perform this summer at Lovebox: A Decade of Love.

The music festival takes place in London's Victoria Park on the 15, 16, and 17 June and until now, the artist we were most excited about seeing there was Kelis. But Lana's now slightly edging ahead; the fact that Lovebox has attracted the fastest-selling artist of the year – and that's a fact – proves the festival's rapidly growing clout.

But the real reason this news is worthy of the zillionth Lana-related blog of the year is... The Sunday of Lovebox, the night she plays, is widely known as 'gay day' at this point, being arguably the closest thing to a music festival catering specifically for gays we have in this country. Which beggars the question: does she deserve a presence there? Last year Robyn and Beth Ditto took the stage; this year's stellar list of talent boasts Tiga, Patrick Wolf, Holly Johnson of Frankie Goes To Hollywood fame and the legendary NYC Downlow with Horse Meat Disco INSIDE IT. It's a birthday blow-out of a lineup (this year marking Lovebox's tenth). And Lana is its centerpiece.

Until now she was perceived to split gay opinion as equally as any other (but let's face it...when it comes to pop music, are we not the authoritative voice?). But this surely changes the state of play. Does this booking mean more of us have taken LDR to our hearts than not? Is she a gay favourite in the making? We can't really see her on a sweat and alcopop-stained stage à la G-A-Y... But hoards of loved-up indie gays swaying side to side while Lana lulls before a blazing London sunset? That we can see.

Make up your own mind by giving Blue Jeans, her next single, a spin. It's the song that previously served as b-side to her first single, Video Games. No, makes no sense to us either.

To get tickets to Lovebox, click here

To download Born To Die, Lana's amazing/absolutely fucking terrible (delete as appropriate) debut album, click here

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