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Doctor Who adventures direct to the brain

Geeks of the (gay) world rejoice – our regular comic and cult coverage has finally arrived.

Yes, we know that GT does have its fair share of all things cult, but we had enough readers saying that we weren’t really geeky enough to warrant a new regular page as of our new issue available now) But as always with these things, there’s only so much space and too many cool things to talk about.

It’s absolutely no secret that some of us at GT love Doctor Who. Some of it suffer it on account of their boyfriend, but whatever way you look at it, there’s no escaping the mad man in a box – especially given that the 50th anniversary of the BBC show next year is fast approaching.

The recent spate of CD releases from Audio Go cover nearly all of those five decades. The Classic Novel range continues (shame on you if you thought it couldn’t last) with four-disc unabridged readings of Target novelisations of two memorable stories. The first sees fifth Doctor Peter Davison read (former companion) Ian Marter’s Earthshock – most notable for a return to the series of the Cybermen after a seven-year absence and for putting Beryl Reid in leather as a money-grabbing spaceship captain.

Nicholas Briggs – who of course provides the voices for many a creature in the current TV series of Doctor Who –voices the Cybermen once more (while Davison is left to do his best with Ms Reid). What’s nerdishly exciting here is that Briggs voices the silver giants as their current on-screen versions rather than the slightly emotional versions they became in the later years of the original series.

Next up is Colin Baker reading his first televised adventure, The Twin Dilemma. Eric Saward’s original novelisation perhaps fares somewhat better than the transmitted story (it being quite different) but we’re just going to come out and say it – we’re fans of The Twin Dilemma, OK? Some people like Time and the Rani too, get over it.

Colin Baker is especially wonderful when it comes to audio and this is no exception, but you can’t help but wonder what goes through his and Peter Davison's heads while recording these things, having actually been in them.

New music and sound effects on both titles add to the atmosphere.

The fabulous James Goss (for he is ‘one of ours’) is the author of specially written story The Art of Death, which features the current TARDIS occupants and is read by Raquel Cassidy (who recently appeared in The Rebel Flesh and The Almost People). You never thought that a sandwich could be quite so interesting…

The jewel in the crown of this current selection is, of course, The Lost TV Episodes box set – the series is now up to volume four. Four! Can you believe it? This box includes five complete remastered off-air recordings of classic 60s stories starring Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor.
It’s hard not to get yet more nerdishly excited about this collection, given that it includes The Evil of the Daleks, The Abominable Snowmen and The Ice Warriors – stories, like all included here, that are almost entirely missing from the BBC archives.

Linking narration is provided by former companions Anneke Wills (Polly) and Frazer Hines (Jamie), who also give interviews. Original BBC TV camera scripts are also included as PDF files. Yes, we’re excited by that too.
It’s a 12 disc set, clocking in at just under as many hours. Hardcore and utterly magical.

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