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Hunx (without his Punx) gets a room

And gets a gig at a ROLLERDISCO.

Firstly, wallow in the technicolour lo-fi amazingness of his new video for Private Room, then brace yourself for the gig details. (We've mentioned Hunx one or four times before, so won't bore you).

Hunx - Private Room from Hardly Art on Vimeo.

One show is practically on our doorstep in an as-yet-unnammed venue in Stoke Newington on 14 May. Excitement.

And there's another show which is being held at a rollerdisco, which is - GT EXCLUSIVE! - in Vauxhall, so although we're not the betting types, we would wager that means it will be held in the Renaissance Rooms. But don't quote us on that. Maybe Vauxhall will get a brand spanking new Roller Disco, but in the mean time, just take out a big fat crayon and cross out Saturday 12 May. You're busy, at a rollerdisco gig.

Pre-order the fantastically named Hairdresser Blues over here.

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