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Jack Me, a Love Interruption?!

Yes please!

Jack White, the legend that is, has released a new song. Now we know he hasn’t got practically nude go-go dancers thrusting at him, or a diva-ish quality about him, but the man can sing. And he is still listed as one of the greatest guitarists of all time. Whether that’s your jar or not, we like him, and we love his new song.

Famed for the band The White Stripes, where he had to constantly defend his ex-wife’s drum-skills (the girl got no rhythm), he has been with many other bands since, including The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather, and has teamed up with legends such as Beck, The Rolling Stones and Electric Six. Also, who can forget the James Bond theme he did with Alicia Keys? We didn’t say it was good, just that it was unforgettable.

This new single, Love Interruption, is very basic – just some hauntingly beautiful vocals, featuring an unknown female singer, and a guitar. Kinda reminds us of a cowboy playing a guitar. There is no music video as of yet, and it is so totally different to the stuff that he has released in the past that you have to give the guy his dues for being so serious about being serious. Seriously. There is none of the playful riffing (rocker talk for when he decides to go off book and do some improv. Refer to Another Way To Die for more information, coz bless her socks, Alicia just couldn’t keep up with her piano) that he is known for, which is why he seems to be not scoring quite so highly with the critics who usually beg for his blowjobs. It is also coming out months in advance of his album Blunderbuss, due for release on 23/24 April, which is so unlike the usual “drop and run” attitude he has taken when doing albums with other bands – leaving no notice whatsoever for the poor marketing people.

Just to give you some sort of scale of how popular this guy is, Jack White’s song (from when he and his ex were The White Stripes), Seven Nation Army, has been chosen to be the debut single of X-Factor Runner Up, Marcus Collins. He has completely remade the track from the iconic rock anthem it was, to a pop track that features his amazing vocal range as well as a richer sound that is due to importing a lot more instrumentation and vocal harmony. But it goes to show, that there is more than one homo out there who would gladly lay down at his feet.

If you believe us or not, it doesn’t matter coz you can check him out for yourself below. But the way he talks about love so close to V-Day, reflects the dark way we all feel about 14 February – a kind of morbid fascination covering an honest desire to love and be loved in return.

Pre-order on old school vinyl, if you like.

Words: Jakes Basford

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