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New gay/straight bromance alert!

Rufus Wainwright joined by Mark Ronson on new album

Hats off to Mark Ronson, DJ extraordinaire and all round bit-of-alright (when his hair's not bleached). He boasts some serious friend-of-the-gays credentials, doesn't he? He's worked with Elton and Boy George. And, possibly more importantly, guess who appeared on stage at one of his gigs last year? Only CATHY BLOODY DENNIS (pop song-writing legend, penned Can't Get You Out Of My Head, I Kissed A Girl etc.).

But Ronson, whose genius the world first sat up and took notice of on Amy Winehouse's 2007 magnum opus Back To Black (he produced it), has just given us an additional reason to like and fancy him. News has reached us that he's lending his musical genius to Rufus Wainwright on the latter's upcoming seventh studio LP Out of the Game, out April 23.

We have every reason to believe this will be a musical marriage made in heaven, and not just because Rufus is calling it "the most pop album I've ever made!", and Mark reckons it's "the best work of my career!" Moreover, evidence of the album's brilliance can be found on its track listing; song four is called 'Barbara'. No confirmation yet as to whether it's a love-song to Babs Streisand, but knowing Rufus and his entirely understandable love for gay icons of the elderly female variety (see below his homage to Judy Garland at London's Royal Opera House last summer), it's entirely probable.


Out of the Game track listing

1. Out of The Game
2. Jericho
3. Rashida
4. Barbara
5. Welcome To The Ball
6. Montauk
7. Bitter Tears
8. Respectable Dive
9. Perfect Man
10. Sometimes You Need
11. Song Of You
12. Candles

P.S. As some of you have kindly pointed out, the song in question can't possibly be about Barbara Streisand, as Barbara Streisand is actually called Barbra Streisand. Our bad. *Hands in gay card, hangs head in shame*

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hmmm not so sure. If it is Barbara with 3 "A"s then it may not be about Barbra Streisand who only has two "A"s... unless that is your error

Added by mbro98

02/02/2012 21:08:11

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If the track really is about Barbra, why would they be spelling it 'Barbara'? So, we can conclude either that it's not about her, or that someone can't spell Streisand's first name.

Added by Chig66

02/02/2012 19:02:08