GTea Break

It's definitely time for a last minute song to soundtrack your weekend.

You wouldn't know it from listening, but it's called HOT COUTURE.

We were going to make a lame joke about Katy Perry releasing her seventh single from Teenage Dream, but you'll just have to imagine that level of comedy for yourself now. This is infact Manila Luzon (of RuPaul fame, apparently) and her song Hot Couture.

We were also about to get all cynical about the rip-off-pop influences and the visual references and the whole Malaga-package-holiday-vibe, but we watched the video...

and BAM - around the 2.48 mark, they hit us with a stealth shot. Something in our bile-caked arteries loosened a little, and we felt something. It may have been a little spark of joy, it could've been an emotion.

[second best bit: Designer Shoes!]

And now, the weekend, if you don't mind.

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