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(We're nice really)

We're on the look-out for bright, savvy journalists-to-be with a line in ponchos and/or cute tiny backpacks to undertake work experience placements here at GT Towers...otherwise known as our offices in Gospel Oak, North London. (Close proximity to Hampstead Heath coincidental.)

Please send applications describing your passion for magazine journalism along with examples of your glittering copy to Don't forget to include an up-to-date copy of your CV and details of your availability.

P.S. Although an uncanny ability to recite EVERY plot-line and EVERY stitch of dialogue from EVERY episode of the late Ugly Betty EVER recorded IS welcome, we're realists. We accept not all of you can lay claim to such talents. If this applies to you, we'd like to invite you to send in your application anyway. And know that the above screen-grab of episode 46 of the show, featuring Lindsay Lohan as an impressionable young newbie at Betty's fashion magazine fighting off the advances of office bullies Amanda and Marc is an example of irony. Be prepared for ample amounts of irony here at GT Towers.

However, those of you unaware of the significance of the words 'Absolutely' and 'Fabulous' when uttered together, in that order, need not apply. (Another example of irony.)

P.P.S This never gets old.

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