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Pop Maths - Cher Lloyd ft. Astro

Former UK X Factor contestant + former US X Factor contestant = a duet that's as surprising as it is inevitable

[WARNING: if you're of the school of thought that has a bit of a soft spot for Cher Lloyd we don't recommend listening to this video all the way through. At the end she says "Does this sound like a helicopter?" and then makes a stupid noise akin to a toddler, and it's not cute nor clever, but it is painful]

So, Cher Lloyd has dropped her annoying/amazing new single Want U Back (almost as good as, if a little similar in sound to With Ur Love, and roughly 12,000 times better than Swagger Jagger).

What makes this release notable, however, is the sudden inclusion of Astro, otherwise known as the sulky teenager on last year's X Factor USA.

He's had a verse or two squeezed in at the last minute and shifts from one foot to the other a bit in the video, looking mighty sheepish in the shadow of Cher's undeniable confidence. Then again, he is rather young. Perhaps we should go easy on the poor dude. *Looks up Astro on Wikipedia* Ok. He's 15. He was born in 1996. This must mean he's too young to remember the Spice Girls properly... Pop eating itself, if not the end of the world, must now truly be imminent.

ANYWAY, we hopefully don't need to explain in layman's terms the hairy-chested, reclining-on-a-speedboat-on-a-pillow-stuffed-with-money cunning that resulted in these two being thrown together for this track. Now they can swop transatlantic friends/fans/likes on Facebook, when the rest of us at their age were swopping POGs/Pokémon cards/any number of collectable items you could once upon a time purchase in a newsagents (*cough* Spice Girls photographs *cough*).

Jamie Tabberer

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