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Hot French androgyne looks familiar....

And the song is pretty good too.

We were in Paris recently and watched a healthy amount of their music TV, as you do...

There appears to be some kind of ruling that you cannot play any pop video that is not in the Top 40, so you end up with a limited rotation of on-the-hour-or-more appearances of Coldplay, Adele, LMFAO, Guetta and so-and-so-featuring Sean Paul. BUT there was a new French pop song we adored:

Rather than boring you about our le-weekend, we're bringing this video to your attention for two reasons.

ONE: It's the best song we heard sung in French in the last four days.

TWO: Around the one minute mark, a hot Douglas Booth-esque androgyne pops up, looking familiar. Then it hit us, he's only the star of our fashion spread Chic Alors in this month's GT, shot in Paris...

C'est tout.

Shy'm's 99c single, En Apesanteur

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