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We haven't been this excited about a Russian popstar since we gave fashion tips to Valeria over the phone...

...which was so long ago that she still has us as one of her top 7 myspace friends. The point of all this being, we love our Russian pop. From Diskoteka Avaria to the incredible girl band Via Gra, we're in.

So we can fully appreciate the subtlety free, thundering bassline and hint of eurovision that pervades Kamaliya's first single, Crazy In My Heart.

Love a Busby Berkeley swimming pool dance move.

And if you like that, the next one is even better. She's been working with producers Digital Dog - who've done amazing remixes of Scissor Sisters and Cheryl Cole, as well as making Cascada euro-hits.

Kamaliya UK realness over here. Oh, and the Russian version of her website is all kinds of amazing.

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