GTea Break

Christmas in a bottle

(No you can't drink it)

We’ve been far too busy to fill the website with suggestions for Christmas gifts – we figure if there's one thing we’re good at it’s shopping so you won’t need much help from us.

But being busy we kind of almost forgot to get in the festive mood. Actually that’s a slight exaggeration; we’re normally quite festive. It just didn’t FEEL like Christmas. It needed to SMELL like Christmas.

So we sent an elf (intern*) off to L’Occitane with strict instructions to make it smell like Christmas.

And who knew you could get a whole winter forest in a bottle (actually, we did, that’s why we went to L’Occitane after seeing the Doctor Who Christmas special with this particular product in mind).

Like an old-fashioned fragrance dispenser, you spritz this ‘home perfume’ whenever you need it to feel a little bit like Christmas. (Or wherever you’ve got a fake plastic tree that doesn’t give off a smell.)

L’Occitane Rameau D’Hiver Winter Forest, £19, 100ml


*that’s a festive ‘joke’, we went ourselves

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