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Bourgeois and Maurice's Fa La La La La

A gloriously unfestive christmas show

Creeping down to the basement of the Soho Theatre, we finally got to see the Christmas show by Bourgeois and Maurice. And besides one song it was brillantly, bitterly un-Christmasy.

Their dryly delivered ditties lynch all manner of topics, from the wonderfully sarcastic refrain of "climate change is good" to the sadistic satire of Tax Me, then never drop the pace, combining cunning lyrics and catchy tunes.

Oh, and they look AMAZING. But you'll have to see the show if you want a wardrobe assessment, you can already see that they've got the dressing up thing down pat. One musical highlight was the show stopping, bar propped moment for the song Emotionally Distant, which is basically about bitter gays so hurt by previous relationships they can't accept love or affection anymore. Might hit a nerve, but even if it does you'll still be laughing.

This clip can only hint at the brilliance of the show:

There was one festive flash in the pan at the end, but we won't spoil it for you. Just take their advice and cover your drinks.

* * * * * (5 stars)

Get tickets while you can, as it's all very intimate down stairs at the Soho Theatre.

Photo: Tom Jef

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