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Dick Whittington

At the New Wimbledon Theatre. (The only place for panto.)

Christmas after Christmas, London's New Wimbledon Theatre excels itself. And once again the team there have proven that when it comes to the classic British tradition of pantomime they're setting the standard across the country.

This year sees international gigastar Dame Edna Everage take to the stage in the much coveted celebrity lead, playing Fairy Edna, the Saviour of London. Not that the plot really comes into it that much. On top form as ever, she kept us laughing throughout, delivering the bitchiest of remarks in the absolute nicest possible manner.

Crammed full of the latest chart toppers including a roof-raising encore to Born This Way - which we like to think was performed entirely for our benefit - it's safe to say that this is one panto that's not just for the kids.

There's innuendo aplenty to amuse the adults ("I'm so happy now that I've got Dick in my life") and half way through the second act the audience is instructed to don their complimentary pair of (purple, sparkly, horn-rimmed) glasses to join the characters on a 3D underwater adventure, which is every bit as camp as it sounds.

Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without our annual pilgrimage to Wimbledon, and if you only see one show a year, at least you know you're guananteed an entertaining night out.

5/5 Until 14 January 2012 at the New Wimbledon Theatre.

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Words - Stu Hurford

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