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The word diva is too easily bandied about these days.

It seems like any Cheryl, Fergie or Tulisa can earn the moniker simply by having shiny hair and a “fragrance”. But we think we’ve found a gal who’s really entitled to the honour.

Kelli-Leigh, or Kelli-Leigh Henry Davila to use her full moniker, is a British songstress (with a name like that she wasn’t ever going to be an accountant) who we saw perform last week, and, to quote that other Kelly, girl can lay it down.

Fresh from working as one of Adele’s backing vocalists on her world tour, Kelli-Leigh wowed us with some tracks of her own. There was the soaring yet delicate I Am Here, which captures perfectly that moment when the one person you want to notice you is the only person in the world who can’t see you. And there was the smart, sassy Dicmatized, which really needs no explanation. Well we’ve all been hypnotised by someone who is (or has) a massive cock at some point in our lives, haven’t we?

She even passed the litmus test that is covering a track from the B-Dog. And she covered it in glory. Her rendition for Why Don’t You Love Me was rather epic, as you can see for yourself:

Kelli-Leigh has pipes like an organ and a sound that’s sugar and spice with a healthy dash of cayenne pepper. We’re confident that 2012 will be her year. And you should trust us on this, because we know about these things.

Check out her website over here.

Words: Andrew Gonsalves

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