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New Sherlock series alert

Some notes on A Scandal In Belgravia

Last night we went to the press launch of the new series of Sherlock. It’s back on BBC One in the New Year. In fact, doing a bit of Sherlock-esque deducing we’d be very surprised if the Beeb didn’t announce that it was going to be shown on Sundays nights.

Anyway – some notes follow:

It’s utterly, utterly brilliant. In fact, it’s one of the best pieces of television we’ve ever seen.

We wanted to jump up and applaud (but we didn’t)

There’s a gay character in it that we really fancied, but never expected to (and we told them so after the screening – they loved it)

David Arnold’s music is wonderful

It’s more like a piece of cinema than a television programme

It’s hilarious

It’s very sad

It’s the first of three new 90 minute adventures – the other two are The Hounds of Baskerville and The Reichenbach Fall

Sherlock and Watson are not gay

Lara Pulver is amazing as Irene Adler

Mark Gatiss is wonderful as Mycroft, particularly in a scene with Benedict Cumberbatch where the pair discuss emotions

Sherlock and Watson are definitely not gay

Moriarty is still hot

Sherlock has a new coat

Sherlock isn’t wearing any pants

In fact you see more of Sherlock than you’ve ever seen before

Caitlin Moran hosted the Q&A after the episode and today Tweeted this: Yesterday's Sherlock premiere was astonishing – I think it might actually be totally perfect. Everyone's going to do their nut when they see it

She’s right

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