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Dancing on Ice with Sam Attwater

(Not literally, that would be a ridiculous way to interview someone)

Actor, singer, and winner of this year’s Dancing On Ice, Sam Attwater has been a busy bee since leaving the Square. Going from an East End Jack-the-lad to taking part in sequin-filled arena tours that could be the epitome of camp, he’s about to join one of the world’s favourite drag queens on stage…

So what lured you to Dancing On Ice?

"Originally, I wanted to do Strictly Come Dancing, but they’d already got Scott Maslen and Kara Tointon from EastEnders. Then, an offer came in about Dancing on Ice. I’m glad I did that over Strictly now because it’s far harder and you really have to work for it. Ann Widdecombe was terrible at dancing, but imagine her on ice."

What did you make to the outfits you had to wear?

"I was actually quite fortunate. I told them to put me in whatever colour they wanted, but I wasn’t going to wear a Lycra shirt. Actually, I did tell them not to put me in one colour – lime green, anything but lime green."

So, they didn’t try and promote your best assets?

"I just said as long as I get a shirt, I’d get my chest out every week".

*Drools* so what do you make to your gay fan base?

"I’m absolutely thrilled with it. Any appreciation of anything you do is unbelievably kind of people and it’s a great feeling. By the time I’d finished Dancing on Ice it had gone up by about 35000 since EastEnders. I think people get to know you as you as opposed to the characters."

Does it bother you when certain photos of you appear online?

"No. I personally think if I just live my life like I’ve always lived it, then if people want to take pictures, or publicise what I’m doing then that’s fine. It’s just nice that people are interested."

Have you had many weirdoes get in touch?

"I had one on my Facebook fan page and it was from a woman who was married with kids and she told me that she’d had an erotic dream about me. She’d never felt that way before. Let’s hope that I’m that good in real life. I remember going into the girls’ dressing room on the show and reading it to them. It even shocked Denise Welch. Not much shocks her."

What was it like doing the Live Tour?

"It was really nice. We got a chance to really get to know each other properly, whereas on the ITV show, we only got to see everyone on a Sunday. I still speak to everyone, which is rare when you do anything like this."

Because you were around each other so much on the tour, were there any bust-ups?

"Nothing major. There were so many people there that you could just escape from someone and go and spend some more time with someone else. We pretty much went out every night, too. It was absolute carnage."

Is there anything you hope they don’t put on the DVD?

"No, they only filmed for two days. I was happy with my routines and I won the show so I’m certainly happy with what I did. I didn’t fall over or anything so it was alright."

You’re nearing the end of your stint in Dreamboats and Petticoats, and then you start Dick Whittington. What do you think it’ll be like working with Dame Edna Everett?

"Oh my God, I never thought I’d get so excited! We went out for the press shots and she’s hilarious! I’m a bit worried. With Panto, she can say whatever she wants and go off on one and I’m playing Dick alongside Dame Edna, who has one."

Any plans for the future?

"Originally, all I wanted to do was theatre. My main dream was to be in the West End. Next year I’d love to push that more and focus on TV. If the Dancing on Ice Tour comes up and I’m not doing anything else, then I’ll do that in April."

The Dancing On Ice Live Tour DVD is out now. Check Sam out in Dick Whittington, playing from 9 December – 15 January at the New Wimbledon Theatre, London.

Words: Garry Steel

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