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GT’s got the Glee factor

(or some other headline to do with singing in public)

We popped to Selfridges in London for lunch – as you do – and were immediately drawn to a flashing disco floor, like some kind of gay magpie.

“What’s all this about?” we ask ourselves in a manner vaguely reminiscent of Big Girls Blouse.

Why, it’s because Glee The Concert Movie is out on 3D Blu-Ray and DVD today and they’re giving away Glee goodies at the Lucky Voice concession (downstairs, past the Christmas shop).

‘What’s Lucky Voice?’, you may cry. Why it’s a karaoke system that plugs into your computer and they’re also offering you the chance to win a holiday to New York and Las Vegas.

It’s all too much. We dropped our sushi* (*Greggs) and took to the stage. London’s shoppers seemed disinterested, as London’s shoppers can only be.

But get yourself down to Selfridges before the day is out, Glee goodies, have a sing-song, enter the competition. Good practice for entering The X Factor 2012 – is it that time already?

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