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We’re not sure that headline entirely works but bear with

Yes, we know that Alexandra Burke is posing with a giant Mario here but Donkey Kong actually IS in the new Mario Kart 7 for Nintendo 3DS so that tenuous link to this amazing moment in The X Factor kinda works.

No? Yes? OK dot com, thank you.

She was one of a number of celebs we darted around trying to catch an assortment of mini canapés as they were swished around the Sports Café in London the other night to celebrate the launch of the title. Obviously we were all there to have a go of the game (though we’re always nervous about having a glass of champagne near our 3DS console) and of course it’s brilliant.

*dons geeky glasses* So. It’s the same format as the previous six titles BUT with new updates to cars and races which of course means it’s the best cart racing game around (until Mario Kart 8, naturally). You can play as Donkey Kong. You can play as the Princess. Gues which one we did. We’re thinking that because it’s multi-player you’ll be best playing it with someone else, but that’s only because we’ve got a slightly competitive streak that comes out when we see a canapé tray. *takes glasses off, squints after playing in 3D for so long*

Lucy (the one that’s not pregnant) from Two Shoes was also there, which we were more excited about than Michelle from Destiny’s Child (sorry Michelle, it’s not you it’s us) and we perved slightly over Jack Whitehall (who just gets hotter all the time).


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