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Baby It’s Christmas

We’re officially allowed to talk about Christmas now

It’s December, so no you can’t tut and roll your eyes missy. Despite what we said yesterday about being over it, we actually love Christmas – mainly because it’s an excuse to eat and drink. And to listen to this:

That’s the only version of that song we approve of though. It’s not Band Aid without Bananarama, so while we’re at it, this too:

And how about a Christmas advert that won’t make you want to slap someone (just make you want to buy some slap):

More mature women, snow guns, sparkly dresses – we’re in. Plus you can buy Nicola Roberts’ Dainty Doll from Boots now so we’re sold. Thank you Boots, for the only Christmas advert we can actually stomach. That John Lewis advert (so wonderfully parodied here)? No ta. What, they can shop at John Lewis but can’t afford double-glazing? But seeing as we’re talking about people’s homes, lets pop over to Whitney Houston’s gaff for Christmas:

Oh go on then, this is the one you’ve been waiting for:

We shall not speak of the Beiber version.

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