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Cazwell AND Peaches

We just snorted into our Jagerbomb

Last week we snogged a beautiful boy in an underground bar in Shoreditch, to a Lana Del Rey remix. He said he was a music producer who lived in Islington. We recounted all this to our flatmate Katya, who reads Grazia and struts around Canary Wharf procuring free glasses of Prosecco from bankers. She tugged at her H&M faux fur shrug, turned up MTV and said "That means he lives in a council flat in Holloway and burns Youtube videos onto CD’s."

Anyway the point of all this is we think this is exactly the sort of pelvis pumping psalm he’d copy and paste into Garageband. Who wouldn’t want to drink cheap vodka and ingest class C drugs to a stuttering reproduction of a track called "Unzip Me"?

Our favourite part of Cazwell's collaboration with mohawked queen of grime Peaches is when he mimicks sputteringly bemused bouncers across London with lines we, for one, have heard far too often, most notably "are you legal?" and "how did you even get into this club?"

We also appreciate Amanda Lepore's nanosecond-long cameo in the form of a drawlingly autotuned rendition of the word "FREEZE!". And what appears to be Justin Bond fellating a banana.

Unzip Me

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