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Sweet charity

C is for cupcake - that's good enough for GT

It's a well-known fact that bake sales for charity are always successful. Even if generally they do mean women - and gay men - standing around going 'oh I really shouldn't' and then shoving cakes down their gullet like something out of V.

Well, perhaps not exactly. Pfft, mere details dears, it doesn't matter - the main thing that's REALLY got our attention (and taste buds tingling in anticipation) is these amazing cupcakes. Actual limited edition Elton John cakes. With sparkly glasses. TOO. MUCH. They'll be available from Cox Cookies and Cakes in Soho, London to raise money and awareness for World AIDS Day. A shiny £1 from every £4 cupcake sold will go to the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Get eating gays and gals!

The cakes - complete with Elton's signature star-shaped sunglasses (edible!) - will be available to purchase from 29 November until 1 December.

Nom nom nom

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