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Manton Abbey

There are men who don’t like period dramas. We thought this was an urban myth, like Britney’s talent, but no, it’s true.

Except something’s changed this, something that has brought the (straight) men in from the cold; Downton Abbey. Something about this drama has infected the men. They’re talking about it at the urinals at work, and in their boozers (we’re told they’re called Yates’s). Indeed the series has had so much of an impact that the men have set themselves up a club celebrating their love of Downton - the Manton Abbey Club.

Over 2000 people like their page on the Facebook. Many of them, (we assume) men.

So when the men of Manton had a meeting in the chandeliered halls of a Victorian hotel we simply had to pop along.

Chief Man was Christian O’Connell, who is a man who plays records. He lead a rather glamorous line-up of men, including dreamy man Dan Stevens (Cousin Matthew), bad man Iain Glenn (Sir Richard), sports man Will Carling and noble man Lord Fellowes (who writes Downton), in talking about the show and their love for it.

The gays were deftly supported by Richard Arnold (GMTV’s TV critic), who looked very dapper in a tweed jacket. There was also a woman, from Debrett’s, but she didn’t say much. There was also a man with an incredibly impressive piece of facial topiary who made us feel ever so slightly pathetic with our ‘designer’ stubble, but let’s leave that, we don’t want to sound bitter…

A lot was said about different things – it can be boiled down to this:

• There will be a third series of Downton. Some girls may wear flapper dresses.
• Richard Arnold and Will Carling go to very different bars
• The magnificent Dowager Countess was based on Lord Fellowes’ great aunt
• And, most importantly, Dan Stevens penis was not injured during the filming of Downton and is in full working order

The Dowager Countess; reason alone to love this show:

So there you have it. Men of the world, rejoice in your love of the period drama. And don’t you worry if you had a little weep when it finished on Sunday (we did), it’ll be back for a Christmas special before the third series kicks off next year. You can also buy series one and two if you're late to the (posh dinner) party.

Words: Andrew Gonsalves

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Great idea! How about a website?

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13/11/2011 18:27:13