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Lykke Li @ The Roundhouse

We're thinking of moving in.

Especially since we've discovered the joy of sitting down at a gig. That and we're going again to see Patrick Wolf on Friday.

However, last night was Lykke Li's turn to shine. In stark contrast to our visit last week seeing Erasure, she did an almost synthless performance, with lots of amazing dramatic lights and drum banging, hand clapping and hair swinging. There was a surreal moment when a song by The Knife provided a coda, but otherwise it was acousto-pop all the way.

What she lacked in witty banter (no more lacking than, say, Britney) she made up for in emotive, mopey, boo-hoo bitterness. Swishing around, bashing the occasional high hat, she commanded the stage with a passive aggressiveness that matched the wall-of-sound moodiness of her last album Wounded Rhymes and the marginally poppier appearance of older songs like Little Bit.

If you were wondering if these dance moves were all an act:

They're not. She actually dances like that. Part expressive arts interpretive dance, part Jim Henson and all part of her kooky charm. And for the record, the last song she played definitely didn't make us well up and sob a bit (ohyesitdidokaydotcomthankyou).

Wounded Rhymes is only £4.20. Ten tracks, that's 42p a tear.

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