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The charmingly amateurish Holestar

Let's see now, Holestar. We're not sure if we want to know the implications of that name. Who knows, maybe it's perfectly innocent, maybe she just has an unexpected penchant for potholing.

She's charmingly amateurish, the sort of thing that would usually be prefaced by Bingo or a quiz in which first prize was a swing seat from Homebase. We can see her, decked in full, excessively made-up regalia, scoffing a cone of chips on Blackpool pier, her backing dancers sitting on the deckchairs on either side of her, trying to negotiate candyfloss without smudging their makeup. Speaking of backing dancers, interesting bit of trivia, one of the ones in the video did our naked shoot.

Anyway we're very fond of Holestar, we especially like the almost unsettlingly Spice Girls-esque vocal bridge halfway through.

Get the Holestar EP over here.

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