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Erasure + Frankmusik @ The Roundhouse

Camden's iconic venue turns into a nostalgic gayclub for the evening.

So while the X Factor contestants were dragged along to see George Michael last night, we popped down the road for something a little less orchestral and a lot more electric.... (basically any of Erasure's songs could be Johnny's winning anthem, though last night's crowd pleaser springs to mind)

Frankmusik was on warm-up duties and his set was RELENTLESS. He described it as a broken jukebox, being somewhere between a live mixtape and a megamix, with mostly 80s hits worked into his own back catalogue. He played all our favourite songs off his new album, including Wrecking Ball mashed up with the riff from Sweet Dreams.

But the gentlemen-of-a-certain-age that formed up the majority of the crowd were here for one thing. Well, possibly two things given the amount of faces lit up by Grindr, but we were there for our favourite pop duo (sorry Same Difference, and lest we forget, Mini Viva). And Erasure didn't disappoint one bit.

A be-corsetted Andy Bell showed off his tour-buffed body, made jokes about blowing Shrek and hit every note with astounding precision, bring all the souped-up classics to life without dishonouring their original pop sparkle. Of course, their best song was this:

"I like to read a murder mystery, I like to know the killer isn't me." Pop gold, kids. And after seeing that video, we're totally getting a water-logged catwalk installed into the office.

Andy, Vince, ladies (the backing singers). Thank you.

(Oh, and the new album Tomorrow's World is amazing. )

Photo: Deirdre O Callaghan

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