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Zanna Don’t! A Musical Fairytale

Not another teen musical.

Let’s not beat around the bush, this show seems like the epitome of camp - even the poster screams Mariah Carey circa Butterfly. It aims to reach out to those that have been made to feel lonely, isolated or outcast from a completely different perspective by working with the Albert Kennedy Trust. Zanna, Don’t! is for anyone that has grown up having to struggle with identity, prejudice, friendship and love.

Picture this: You’re in Heartsville, USA. Zanna, the local matchmaker, loves to help people find love. But, there’s a twist. Get this - boys get with boys, and girls get with girls. Get him on the next flight. But, there’s a scandal brewing. Heartville’s football captain, Steve, has fallen in love with the dance captain, Kate. Lock them up and throw away the key, we say.

Centre Stage aims to raise funds and awareness for the Trust on Friday 11 November, and hope it will be able to continue with its groundbreaking work of helping LGBT young people live in accepting, supportive and caring homes.

Zanna, Don’t will be playing at Bridewell Theatre from 8 - 12 November. Tickets are available now over here

Words: Garry Steel

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