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Trade's 21st Birthday

Legendary London nightlife sensation TRADE is back on Saturday to celebrate its 21st birthday. One of the best British gay nights of all time, TRADE defined the image of the 1990s super club. Before you read the next paragraph we need to give you tickets link – because we care for you and understand that is absolutely essential that you get tickets to this phenomenal night as soon as possible, (no offence to those who already have tickets – we are not judging you):
About fifteen years ago TRADE played a role in setting London’s gay scene a head and padded-shoulders above the rest of the planet. I’m sure you’ll have seen the image above on all this weeks free gay rags and blu-tacked into the doors of Soho’s tiny-pants-slash-porn shops. This is because everyone is going. You name it, Brad Pitt, Lauren Harries, Brendon from Coach Trip, I bet they’re all shopping online right now for glow-in-the-dark funnels.
Originally held at Turnmills, this Saturday’s TRADE party will be at PULSE. The theme is “Journey to the Dark Side”, and what with it being Halloween weekend too, this is basically a once-in-a-year opportunity to be both terrifying and incredibly fucking sexy. This Saturday is your chance to dance yourself into a carnal oblivion.
German mega DJ Monika Kruse will be leading the decks, and are two other arenas  - the “Light Lounge” and “Trade Classic: No Speed Limit”, with additional bill-breaking DJs like The Sharp Boys, Rosco, Fat Tony and TRADE’s very own notable alumni Smokin Jo.
Artist du jour Mark Wardel has produced all the imagery for the party as well. Wardel of coruse, who usually goes by the name of ‘Trademark’, originally established himself as a pop artist by designing the first generation of flyers and posters for TRADE in the 90s.
The party goes on until 7am so there’s plenty of time to attend more parochial parties, drink some pumpkin soup, pinch someone’s nipple in Barcode and then hit up TRADE once your party horns have fully-developed. Remember you have Sunday to sleep it all off, depending where your night takes you of course.
See you at TRADE! And tweet me your costume idea

Words: Jack Cullen

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