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Azerbaijan's 20th Anniversary of Independence Celebration

They won Eurovision, we couldn't say no to their party.

Not being from Azerbaijan or having any ties to the country whatsoever, one of the only reasons we were along to the posh Central Hall in Westminster for the do was to see Eurovision winners, Ell and Nikki, perform.

It was organised by The European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS) to celebrate 20 years of Azerbaijan independence, but we’re suckers for any kind of party, really. Our eagerness had nothing at all to do with the free wine and canapé reception. Nonetheless, this helped us get through the evening (especially being so underdressed) and sadly led us to try and eye up a few Azerbaijani men (well, the ones in Prada anyway).

Once we’d necked a few, and headed to the concert hall, we were greeted with a speech by Azerbaijan’s ambassador. Once over, an unrecognisable Azerbaijani lady took to the mic along with a traditional jazz band. The first number was an Azerbaijani classic inclusive of a wail or two. Then, on came Ell and Nikki, but as a 6-piece, with 4 extra members including a plump guy who didn’t noticeably sing much.

Amongst the traditional stuff, they blew us away with jaw-dropping vocals. Having expected the worst, we soon realised we were falling in love with this new super group. After a few comments like: “Ell’s actually quite fit” and “Ooh I love this song, I wonder what it’s called”, they began singing George Michael’s Freedom. Can you fall in love twice? We did. Anyway, they were AMAZING so kudos to Ell and Nikki for winning Eurovision. At least they’re talented, unlike the lyricists that wrote I Can for Blue.

All in all, we now fancy Ell (pictured. HELLO.) the group performance was mind blowing. Yay for Azerjaiban.

Word of advice: always dress up for state functions. A Jack Daniels t-shirt will NOT do.
Ell and NIkki's song

Words: Garry Steel

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