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10 days to grow

Yes it's almost that time of year when moustaches start sprouting on unlikely faces and everyone looks a bit East London / Charlie Chaplin / Terry Richardson / YMCA / Mario Brothers / Freddie Mercury / delete as applicable. Or if you follow the official Movember lead, this year is all about being a bit rugged and outdoors-y:

Team GT went down en masse to the launch party last night, and we were feeling the whole alphamale vibe (until we had a whiskey cocktail served in a martini glass, and started talking - IRONICALLY - about what Sex In The City characters we are). HP sauces did a mean hog roast, Old Spice provided a big white plastic photo-opp horse and the eau de toilette and our good friends A Suit That Fits were there making sure everyone looked dapper.

There was a moving story from a young gentleman who lost his testicles to cancer, (but managed to father a child in time, hurrah!) and made us realise what all this facial topiary is about - supporting men's health charities and raising awareness of prostate cancer. You can get involved by simply being sponsored to grow a moustache throughout the month of November.

Here's the Movember site, sign up!

Remember: Boys make passes at boys with moustaches.

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