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New video for Criminal

Our Brit is back with another vid, this time causing a stir with Hackney Council. Brit had the all-clear for the filming but they have claimed she didn’t inform them about the pretend gun she was going to use. Apparently they’ve said she’s promoting youth gang culture or some other rubbish. They’ve clearly never seen any films Guy Ritchie has directed, then.

The opening scene was filmed in none other than the newly-renovated Stoke Newington Town Hall right on our doorstep (eek!). It features Brit chucking her fella and running off with real life man Jason Trawick. Obviously, he’s the criminal and they end up robbing a Dalston corner shop (really?!) before fleeing the scene and doing a runner narrowly escaping from the police.

Cleverly, she kept full choreography to a minimum. VOGUE.

p.s. In a rush? Cut to 3:47 and see Jason’s V lines. Yes, we know what’s important.

Criminal on iTunes

Words: Garry Steel

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