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5 Reasons Why I Love Rachel Karen Green

By guest blogger Patrick Doyle of Veronica Falls

Rachel Karen Green (aka Jennifer Aniston) wasn't always my favourite F-R-I-E-N-D, although after re-watching all ten delightful seasons of America’s finest export, I was pleasantly surprised to discover the comedic genius that is R. Green. Sitting pretty somewhere between full time annoyance Phoebe Buffay and walking neurosis Monica Gellar, Green supplies us time and time again with a dry wit and sarcasm that knocks even the dullest Chandler Bing led scene right out of the park. Undercutting and undermining every other character in sight, Green often leaves me wanting more from a woman than I’ve ever wanted before.

Here are just five reasons why you should fall in love with her too:

1. The One Where She Gets Closure.

(The One Where Ross Finds Out: S2-Ep7)

Green really comes into her own during a blind date with a friend of Monica’s. Confused about her feelings towards Ross, Rachel makes an ill advised (but perfectly executed), wine-fuelled phone call before tossing a strangers phone into an ice bucket with effortless cool and ridiculous prowess.

2. The One Where She’s Cooler Than The Fonz.

(The One With the Flashback: S3-Ep6)

Prior to leaving Barry at the altar, Rachel returns to Central Perk in a dream sequence to seduce Chandler. With one bash on the jukebox, Green cues Time of the Season by the Zombies (and the melting of my heart).

3. The One Where She Slips Seamlessly Into M.I.L.F.hood.

(The One With the Baby Shower: S8-Ep20)

Green upon receiving a breast pump: “Is that a beer bong for a baby?”

Rachel makes the smooth transition from daddies little girl, to coolest mum on earth in a matter of episodes. If she’s not singing ‘Baby Got Back’, she’s hiring Freddie Prinze Jr. (when he was fit) as the sexiest male nanny in town.

4. The One Where She Proves That Sometimes It's OK To Be Typecast.

Try as she might, Aniston doesn’t seem able to escape from the role of everybody’s favourite spoilt brat, which she so perfectly portrayed in F-R-I-E-N-D-S. Is this a flaw in Aniston’s acting ability? Or the spirit of Rachel refusing to let her move onto greener pastures? Either way, I’m happy that the ghost of Rachel Karen Green continues to haunt us, even if it is under the guise of a sassy dentist in Horrible Bosses, or as Adam Sandler’s feisty friend in Just Go With It.

5. The Hair

Lest we forget.

Patrick is the drummer in the beyond cute indie band Veronica Falls. We loved their debut eponymous album so much we gave it four stars, which is one star less than it deserved.

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