Dylan Jones

Lana Del Rey

Bouffants, understated pastels and looming fatal stardom

Ok so we've been a bit slow with this one, which we're annoyed about, because our arty friend who goes to Slade and wears straw trilbies actually linked us to her TWO MONTHS AGO begging us to write about her. We ignorantly dismissed her as a poutier, trailer park orientated version of Adele. On the Atkins diet.

But then, in a shower of understated pastel clothing and 60's bouffants, she exploded all over the internet, leaving behind her a downtroddeningly adoring wreckage of simpering reviews and multi-million-view videos.
We like her a lot at the moment, but no doubt before long there'll be ten Freemasons remixes to which us and everyone we know will be having anonymous sex, and she'll be on The Jonathan Ross Show with a ridiculous fashion sense and an alcohol problem. So enjoy her while you can.

Debut single Video Games comes out today (actually we should've pretended THAT was why we waited till now to gush about her).

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