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Queening out to Kelly Clarkson

"It doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone"

So if you've picked up the new issue of GT you will have seen our Kelly Clarkson interview, well done you. There was one particular song from the new album that we went a bit crazy for, and now it has been released on to the internet by Kelly herself (more or less), we wanted to share it with you. It's a brilliant mid way point between the break-up angst of Since U Been Gone and the synth pop bounce of My Life Would Suck Without You. Two of her best songs. In one:

Anyway, when we were chatting with her the other day, we did bang on about it and after explaining what an It Gets Better video was, asked Ms Clarkson if What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) could function in a similar way. And off she went:

"Yeah and that’s what I mean, I think that any kid can deal with that, there’s always all these issues going on like regardless, if you’re a fat kid, you haven’t had your growth spurt or something like, you know what I’m saying? You’re so awkward especially in Junior High, oh my god, was that not horrible for everyone? I mean railroad tracks, glasses, goggles, it was like, I had acne, I had everything wrong going on, so there’s everything going wrong for kids, so I think that’s what I love about – What Doesn’t Kill You, honestly my second favourite song on the album, my first is You Love Me, you haven’t heard that one yet.
"But anyway What Doesn’t Kill You it’s just I love something so inspiring, when I heard that song, I didn’t write that one, when I heard it though, I was like, 'oh my god this is so great', I love when you can hear in your head just like, thousands of people when you’re on tour just singing along with you. And what a great, positive message, and people need to hear that, I don’t know if you – did you read The Help, or see the movie, The Help?"

No. Not yet. But since we called it the 'must see movie of the year', we are going to.

"Ok, well it’s – there’s this character in it – and my point, when I come around to it, there’s this character named Aibileen, and she goes to this little girl, and she’s like 'you is kind enough, you is smart enough, you is a good heart', she’s this woman that tells this little white girl that her mum is shit... Anyway she tells this white girl everyday these positive messages, and it’s so cheesy but like at the same time, that’s a good thing, ‘cos people need that, especially kids in junior high, and especially kids like if you're gay growing up in that kind of community, you need that positive reinforcement. Because you know what, there’s not a lot of supportive people in certain environments or certain parts of the world, and I don’t know, I just think that there’s nothing - there’s nothing cheesy about inspiring someone, or just making them think they can overcome something, you know. And that’s why I love that song."

So there you go. We love the song too, and keep 'queening out' to it at our desk. 27 plays and counting...

Pre-order Stronger here. It's out 24 October.

Words: Bob Henderson

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