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Idina Menzel

If you ever get the chance to see Idina Menzel in concert, do it.

You know we love Wicked, you know we love Glee. You’ve probably taken a wild guess that we love Rent, and you’d be right. So the one thing that links all of those musical extravaganza’s was always going to have our attention. And have it she did, as Idina Menzel took to the stage at London’s Royal Albert Hall last night.

By the end of her almost two hour set, she’d taken the sold-out audience on a journey through her career and declared the concert the best night of her life.

It wasn’t hard to see why, with adoring fans literally surrounding her and endlessly applauding every song.

Opening number, The Life of the Party, set the tone – a collection of songs from several genres on which she was joined by legendary composer Marvin Hamlisch and the entire Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

But it wasn’t just the music that was enthralling, with her observations and stories between songs moving from hilarious (Barbra Streisand and Glee) to poignant. Speaking about the death of Rent’s creator, Jonathan Larson, before softly beginning to sing No Day But Today was the first of three moments that brought a lump to my throat and, no I’m not ashamed to say it, a tear to my eye.

It was when she decided to sing For Good acapella, without her microphone, that I actually did lose it. And being front row seeing the original Elphaba belting out Defying Gravity isn’t an experience I’m going to forget in a hurry.


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WORDS: Darren Scott

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