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Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark

Spooky TV movie remake featuring Mrs Tom Cruise

Since becoming Scientology’s first lady and birthing baby Suri, Katie Holmes’ acting career has understandably taken something of a backseat. But she’s back on the big screen this week as Kim, interior decorator and sensitive girlfriend of ambitious architect Alex (Guy Pearce) in the remake of a TV movie from the 70’s. The couple is refurbishing and living in an old mansion when Sally (Bailee Madison), Alex’s introverted young daughter from a previous relationship is sent to live with them.

As is often the case in this kind of film there is something (or things) already in this beautiful house that want to communicate with Sally – don’t you hate when that happens? At first Sally is quite taken by her new ‘friends’, but when their behaviour takes a nasty turn, which she gets the blame for, naturally she revises her opinion.

The film initially sets a fairytale-like tone and having Sally as the point of view character exacerbates this. However when the original inhabitants of the house start asserting their squatter’s rights in some incredibly tense moments and one enjoyably unpleasant gory scene, it puts a more, shall we say, grown-up complexion on things. Unfortunately despite a strong final showdown the second half feels rather toothless and fails to deliver on this early promise. Still the performances are strong and if you you’ve been missing Holmes’ lopsided grin or you’re looking for a primer for Halloween this will do nicely.


Alexander Smith

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