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Cabaret New Burlesque

Welcome to burlesque...

A mid-week dose of flaunting and flapping is always welcome, especially in the form of the wolf-whistle worthy cast of Cabaret New Burlesque.

The internationally renowned burlesque performers are having a three-night stay in Charing Cross Theatre in London’s glittering West End™. The glam show features the stars of director Marthieu Almaric’s award-winning Cannes film, On Tour. Judging by the online trailer (below) the show is a fabulous bombardment of feathers, tassels and (mostly female) flesh, bursting with extravagance and a big band backing. Expecting any more would just be demanding.

Cabaret New Burlesque runs for three days, the 11, 12 and 13 of October. With only a limited opportunity to see the finest crop of cabaret stars, including Mimi Le Meaux and Evie Louvelle, book tickets now to ensure your flash of flesh.

WORDS: Stefan Nicolaou

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