Dylan Jones

HI FASHION: Budget surrealist single of the week

It's not Madonna, but it's got drag queens

We've decided a song whose main base lyrics are "everyone thinks I'm Madonna" has to have some sort of cultural relevance. So much so that we subjected our almost insultingly heterosexual housemates to it last night while they were playing that computer game called...Fifi? Difa? We know the name sounds a bit like a Chelsea hairdresser's poodle, and it's got little men running around on a patch of green and people whoop a lot and drink Carling while they're playing it. We think it has something to do with football. We're not sure. Never mind.

Anyway, as we tried to tell them over the whooping last night, Hi Fashion's I'm Not Madonna is great, and the video's somewhere between a budget drag night and a surrealist art installation:

Sprechen Sie Hi Fashion?

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