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So here it is, a remake of the 80’s classic.

A film about breaking the rules and dance? Well that’s a new concept. Not. Dirty Dancing, Save the Last Dance, Havana Nights, Step Up and so on and so on. Skeptical was not the word as we took our seats at the cinema. In the words of our dear old dad ‘why would you even remake such a classic, they should leave well alone’, we found ourselves begrudgingly agreeing with him. Nevertheless I tried to keep an open mind.

It took all of about 20 seconds of the title soundtrack blasting out at the start of the film and we were captivated.

The initial car crash scene was very well done, even those of us who knew what was coming - were left in momentary shock at its impact. Both lead actors are largely unknown (it was rumoured Miley Cyrus and Zac Effron would be cutting footloose in this version but it seems that didn’t happen), and we have to say the lack of recognisable cheesy Disney faces gave it more credibility - in fact it might have been a little more than we could stomach watching them prance around the screen for the duration of the film. Kenny Wormald has definite charm and pulls off the broody ‘rebel with a cause’ fantastically. Not too bad on the eyes either – you WILL be mesmorised watching him move in some of the dance sequences.

In addition to the dancing, a mixture of country and street, there are some corker lines in there too. Our favourites has to be the absolute beaut: ‘I thought gymnastics was for fags’ – ‘And I thought the word fags was for assholes’. Ooooh, burn! And any gays will fully appreciate the conflict of Church and State throughout, with some very tense arguments taking place within the small town’s Church itself.

Though we entered unconvinced that a gyrating and sexy version of what was an 80’s hit would work, we left completely wanting more. You will move your feet while you watch, you will love the Bonnie Tyler slow cover of Hero, and you will leave wanting to cut loose. And have a damn good boogie.

Footloose is out 14 October.

Words: Telsha Arora

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