Dylan Jones

Electro man SebastiAn

He's got cool, misplaced upper-case in his name so he must be good

Electronic artist SebastiAn is the latest speaker-breaking, warehouse-filling creation from French label Ed Banger Records. He's original, phrenetic, and greasily attractive, and there's a picture of him kissing himself on the cover of his new album, so that's nice. Actually it's mercilessly obnoxious but it's vaguely arousing and Michele Bachmann probably wouldn't lke it so we'll let it go for now.

He's also friends with fellow French musical minx Uffie. We like to imagine them in high-tops, stalking the less reputable gay clubs of Paris, armed with a boombox and drawlingly nonsensical chat-up lines. This is our favourite one from his album. It's a collaboration with M.I.A., who probably trails behind them in case she's required to hold one of their JD and cokes while they fumble someone to Fischerspooner.

We would put a link to seBaStuaAnne or whatevs, but we can't find it, so you're just going to have to buy the Nicola Roberts album instead.

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