So, you've taken the personality compatibility test and filled out all the boxes in your profile ... but you can't sit back and wait for guys to size you up.

Once those recommended partner profiles start coming in, you’ll want to get on with things. In our experience, having a complete profile really helps when it comes to getting you answers to your contact requests. This is why we’re a bit strict about making you fill out all the little boxes before letting you reach out and message someone. We know it can be annoying when all you want to do is send an icebreaker to the potential man of your dreams but trust us, having that killer profile we talked about will really make your life so much easier.

GTDate offers you several options when it comes to making first contact. If you’re really stuck for what to say, you can try sending someone a smile to let him know you’re interested. Our smiles are a little bit more exciting than your average wink or poke, because apart from just sending a generic message, GTDAte lets you indicate which part of someone’s profile you liked in particular. Although it’s still pretty non-committal and generic, we find it helps breaks the ice a bit when you want to simply indicate to someone that you like him. Speaking of icebreakers, on GTDate you can write your own, which we suggest you do, though you can also use ours. Apart from being a good way to put a little fun into the whole thing (we know finding love is a serious matter, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the process!) you can also use it to sneak in some deal breaker questions. What are good questions to ask? That’s a good question. The point of making it personal is that you can think about the stuff you’d like to know about your recommended partner. It could be his favourite singer, holiday destination or ice cream flavour or even things like his opinion about a particularly vile celebrity or something totally silly and unexpected. At the end of the day, only you can decide what you’d like to know about a particular person.

Of course, there’s no substitute for sending an actual contact request with a personal message. Even if your message is really short and somewhat generic, the fact that you chose to send that instead of a smile or an icebreaker would put across the fact that you’re a little bit more involved. This is good, because it means you don’t actually have to write volumes to show that you (potentially) care. In fact, we suggest keeping the first message pretty short – one or two paragraphs at best. It’s amazing how fast people’s eyes glaze over when they have to read a few long messages a day - love letters are far more exciting once you know you’re actually in love. So while you’re still feeling your way and deciding whether you fancy any of your recommended partners, there’s no need to go overboard. Keep your message short, casual and to the point and trust your profile to do the rest of the work when your recommended partner checks you out (aren’t you glad you took the time to fill it out now?). The good thing about being sent recommended partners is that you’re spared all the head scratching usually associated with having to explain to a complete stranger why you chose his profile out of thousands you may have come across in a search. There’s also no need to repeat stuff that you’ve put in your profile, though if there’s something you two have in common, you can point that out. In case you’re wondering, there’s also no need to overthink and desperately try to be suave and sophisticated. Just say hi, introduce yourself and invite your recommended GTDate partner to check you out. It really doesn’t take much more than this to get a conversation going...

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