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Summer Camp

The sound of the 80s, today

It's a song called Better Off Without You. Summer Camp is the band name, and it might be the most perfect break up song released this year. Or the past couple of decades. It's really bitter and nasty, and yet a chirpy upbeat pop song. Like it's been pinched from The Smiths.

There's a weird beep that sounds like our ring tone in this... but if you hadn't noticed we are properly obsessed with the song and love it. Maybe not quite a Lucky Day, but a welcome change. It's that or revisiting the last Miley Cyrus album. Or the Rae Spoon one, which we were completely late to the party for, but is proper amazing.

But we digress. Moshi Moshi records are really excelling themselves at the hot indie boy-girl duos at the moment. Well done.

It's on iTunes if you like it. Other online music retailers are available.

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