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Fancy Captain Jack on your face in the morning?

If you like John Barrowman, now can you can rub Him all over you

Oh the hilarity we so-called journalists can have with words. Because John Barrowman – who’s been getting a bit racy of late as Captain Jack in Torchwood – has launched his own range of grooming products called Him.


There’s been five products released so far, as a special gift set for £19.99. Naturally we grabbed for the revive and refresh eye roll-on first but there’s also moisturiser, face wash, aftershave balm and shaving cream, all in a nifty travel bag.

You can find details and buy exclusively from QVC.

“See how it sits in the palm of my hand”

We’ll stop now.

Oh, and if you want to actually meet the man himself then you could do worse thanclick here.

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