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GT spend an evening with legend Chris Lilley

We’ve long adored Australian comedian Chris Lilley from afar – literally, with him being based on the other side of the world. So whenever we’ve chatted, be it for his smash hit second series Summer Heights High or more recent offering Angry Boys, it’s obviously been over the phone.

But last night we got up close with the legend himself at a very intimate gig, sponsored by 02 Priority Moments, at London’s 02 Academy in Islington.

Over in the UK (and battling the subsequent jetlag) to promote the DVD and soundtrack album of Angry Boys, Chris gave a rare performance as American rapper S.mouse! which was nothing short of utterly brilliant.

We’d probably sit and listen to Chris read from a phone book (or list names of guinea pigs) but we weren’t sure how a rap gig as one particular character would be received. We needn’t have given it any thought. The crowd – some of who had been camping outside the venue since midday – chanted the character’s name repeatedly, incredibly buying into being asked to suspend disbelief instantly, before he took to the stage with two scantily-clad female dancers to perform ‘hits’ like Animal Zoo, Poo On You and Slap My Elbow.

We got to chat with him (in person) briefly later on, where he seemed blown away at just how hardcore the UK fanbase was. He’s not wrong. We saw several people dressed as S.mouse! and more than a few J’amie King’s (AMAZING). Underwear was thrown on stage – including a giant bra from Tesco – and three-legged dogs surfed above the crowd.

This was a crowd that chanted along to the chorus from ‘Grandmother Fucker’ and gave a deafening roar when ‘S.mouse!’ asked if anyone had heard of Angry Boys.

The man’s a genius and we hope he’s back on a UK stage soon. In the meantime you really should buy Angry Boys on DVD and also download the album.

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