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Confessions of a Mormon Boy

Steven Fales strips to his smalls for his big story

Staging his one-man show, Confessions of a Mormon Boy, just a stone's throw away from Heaven (the club, not the after-life) seems apt as the Mormon Boy recounts a tale that struggles through the hedonism of New York nightlife. So if you want to go see Mormon Boy before a naughty night-out then do not fear, Steven Fales will not judge or ex-communicate you.

Having already interviewed the charming Steven for GT's Style Issue [On sale now, pick up a copy thanks – Ed], I couldn't hide my excitement as I entered the cosy little surrounds of the Charing Cross Theatre, just off of Villiers Street. Opening the play on a sentimental look back to the youth of a boy who always felt different, there's something here that every gay man can relate to. With no more props than his self-proclaimed 'Mormon smile', Fales convinces you that he's that teen tormented by his sexuality. The teen who later finds himself married with kids.

With humorous inputs from an all-powerful God voiceover and Steven's portrayals of the hypocrites that came to shape his life, the play is in constant, smooth transition to the dark place that we know is coming.

And when the episodes of drink, prostitution and drugs do arrive, boy does Steven make them funny. Scenes that could have been far more graphic are exaggerated just enough to be laugh-out-loud without being smutty. And, Halleleujah praise the Holy God of Gay, he does spend a memorable period in a very well-filled pair of tighties. Infusions of club music and red lights help to make the later scenes of drugs and New York clubs seedy without depressing the audience.

As the last monologues keep away from any hint of self-pity, it's obvious that this Mormon boy is perfectly safe for the lactose intolerant. Not a hint of ‘God is Love’ speeches in sight. Steven is not here to judge or to preach; simply to entertain. And, my, how the boy entertains.

Oh, and pay particular attention when the Japanese lizard gets a mention *wink, wink*


Until 24 September, Charing Cross Theatre (formerly Players Theatre), The Arches, Villiers Street, London. You can purchase tickets here

Review: Jamie Fisher

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