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Honouring Freddie

On what would have been the rock legend’s 65th birthday, Google are running a special google doodle in honour of Mr Mercury today.

Having previously run such doodles for artists such as John Lennon and Charlie Chaplin, this birthday tribute sees the star at his best rocking out on stage, before bursting into a rainbow and flying through the sky on a tiger, and cute bears on bikes. It’s a crazy adventure, flamboyant, wild and entertaining – much like the man was himself, and we wouldn’t expect anything less.

Whilst his family, friends, fellow band members and star studded names come together to celebrate and raise funds to fight HIV AIDS at the Savoy today, we can pay our less glamourous respects with a personal party of our own to many of his iconic songs:

The campaign ‘Freddie For A Day’ will also be promoted at the event, where fans dress as the star for the day in order to encourage donations and sponsorship for their efforts. So if you fancy dusting off your glory day outfits from the 80s, whip on that fake moustache and join the cause. See more details at

Check out Google before midnight to see their cute animated clip.

Words: Telsha Arora

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I love the song and it brought me back memories of the 80Th. Good luck with the campaign for a great cause. Love you Freddie, Max.

Added by Maxy

05/09/2011 13:40:24