Dylan Jones

Massive Ego: If Amanda Palmer met Voldemort

Electroslut eyeliner punk clash.

In a way we feel like I Idolize You by avant-garde band Massive Ego can't even be analysed in a normal, earthly way. And actually we feel like the genre grouping avant-garde doesn't suit them either. We think they should have their own genre. Maybe something like "electroslut clash". Or "eyeliner punk". Either way any band whose lead singer looks like a cross between Amanda Palmer and Voldemort has to be at least paid some attention.

This particular song sounds like it should be the backdrop to two bearded heavy metal fans having viscious sex, or an aardvark getting sacrificed by a tribesperson. Or maybe both of those things happening simultaneously. We're probably not making sense, and to be honest we're not sure where we're going with this ourselves. We're still a bit overwhelmed by it all. In fact it's all too much. We need cookies and Coronation Street and Jack Johnson and a nice cup of tea.

ASIDE: Some Team GT kids are seeing Amanda Palmer tomorrow at Heaven. Come and join us. Kicks off 7.15pm. Pint in The Retro Bar afterwards. Ours is a cider.

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