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Chicago closes it's doors on Saturday

Gone. It's all gone.

Out of pure nostalgia, we went to see Chicago (the actual on-stage musical) last night. We've lost count of the amount of times we've seen it, and for someone who claims to not like musicals, that's a lot of times. And after 14 years in London, it closes with no fixed abode and just vague murmurings about resurfacing sometime next year.

It has become something of a soap star vechile, so maybe its time is up, but the list of previous cast members is, well, dazzling. How did we miss Ashlee Simpson and Kelly Osbourne in it? We did manage to see the likes of Alison Moyet, Denise Van Outen, Marti Pellow, Claire Sweeney, Bonnie Langford, of those that we remember. It's funny how it really needs a star performer to carry it, to push the rest of the cast to match them.

We enjoyed last night as ever (despite the wandering accents and Jonathan Wilkes' duff high note) but let's remember the real stars who made the London version what it is: Ute Lemper and Ruthie Henshall, doing the cheesiest climax of the show. IT'S IRONIC - unlike the film version but we won't rant.

There are only four performances left. Sad Gay Times.

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