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Tonight! Duckie turns Sweet 16

Legendary London cabaret-club offers the best of British.

Though they ain't ever gonna be respectable.

Promoter and salt of the earth Simon Casson sent us this pic and told us "Amy Lamé has been in this Royal Vauxhall Tavern dressing room for 16 years, that's 8 years longer than Lily Savage." The celebration of this, and Duckie's 16 year reign of the alternative ("post"-)gay scene take place from 9pm tonight at the Royal Festival Hall. We might dig our braces out and put on a nice blouse, as the theme is vintage British tribes.

The usual suspects of mixed bag brilliance ("bentertainment") will include:
Up N Over It, Miss High Leg Kick, The Stylinquents, Lorraine Bowen, The LipSinkers, Bird la Bird, Scottee (we love you really xxx), Ryan Styles, George Chakravarthi, Mitch & Parry, Oompah Brass and The Revd Jennie Hogan.

Though we're holding out to hear this (15 itunes plays and counting), you most certainly will hear this:

*flails arms drunkenly*

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