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Hastily written X Factor piece

Yes, it’s time to face the music.

All this perving over (RESEARCHING) the new Wand Erection video reminded us that we went to the X Factor launch the other day and FORGOT to write anything about it.

Very, very busy. No honestly.

Anyway, to say we’re excited about The X Factor returning to ITV on Saturday night at 8pm would be an understatement. We’re actually going demented. And that’s despite having seen some of the best bits of the first episode.

There’s a Tina Turner-inspired 50-year-old woman from Hong Kong that made us think of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert, a cheeky chappy 18-year-old gentleman that we’ll probably hope does some of the obligatory footage to camera shirtless. There’s some shouting that made us shrink in our seats and hide behind our hands.

But that’s just the START. There’s a new line-up of judges (like you don’t know) and can we just say that they’re absolutely brilliant. LOVING Kelly Rowland. And of course, Gary Barlow, yes, we totally would.

Speaking of which, Olly Murs is presenting The Xtra Factor and he’s still not shy of tight fitting trousers, which is a win/win situation. We’d say two thumbs up but we doubt there’s room.

So yes, your Saturday nights truly do start here (and then Doctor Who is back next weekend, but we’ll get round to writing about that as we always seem to do…)

As ever Gay Times will be live tweeting X Factor so drop by, follow us as we get progressively tipsy and excited (or just hide our feed for one hour of the evening).


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